Disclaimers: What You Should Know Before Using VetChange

Before you sign up for a VetChange website account and use the service, you should read these important cautions about using VetChange. This information is also included in Terms of Use that website users must acknowledge and agree to before registering for a VetChange account.

  1. VetChange is entirely self-guided. You will not have contact with mental health professionals to guide you or answer questions about the information presented or your personal situation. If you feel that you need personal help, visit resources for information on finding assistance.

  2. VetChange is designed to help you gain control over drinking by either cutting down or stopping. If at any time while using VetChange you find that your drinking is increasing instead of decreasing, you could be at risk for experiencing more serious problems and may want to consider seeking personal assistance.

    Some individuals may become physically dependent on alcohol if they have been drinking for a period of time. When a person is alcohol dependent, they may experience alcohol withdrawal if they suddenly stop drinking or drastically cut down. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal usually begin within a few hours of decreasing drinking and may include: tremors, sweating, elevated pulse and blood pressure, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, seizures, and possibly delirium. Stopping or cutting down on your own can be medically dangerous if you are physically dependent on alcohol.

    If you suspect that you may be physically dependent on alcohol or you have experienced any withdrawal symptoms, please seek professional help before trying to stop or cut down on your own.

  3. VetChange is focused on drinking, not drug use. If you are frequently or heavily using recreational drugs or are misusing medications (using more than prescribed by your doctor or using medications not prescribed for you), VetChange may not be suitable for you even if you are also having alcohol problems. Examples of recreational drugs include cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, or club drugs such as Ecstasy. Examples of commonly misused prescription drugs include pain killers (such as Oxycodone), tranquilizers (like Valium), stimulants (such as Adderall) or drugs to block withdrawal (like Suboxone).

    Regular use of drugs is likely to interfere with your ability to stop or cut down on drinking, and stopping without medical intervention could be dangerous to your health. If you want or need help for drug problems, please visit resources.

  4. VetChange helps you learn new skills to manage moods and possible emotional reactions to serving in combat. If at any time while using VetChange you feel overwhelmed by your emotions or believe that you have symptoms that are worsening (for example, feelings of sadness are getting more frequent or intense), we recommend that you seek in-person assistance.

    If you feel at any time that you want to hurt yourself or anyone else, please go to the nearest emergency room or call 911. You can also call the Veterans Crisis Line any time at 1-800-273-8255.

With VetChange
you’ll be able to:


Set goals

Do you want to stop drinking, or cut back? Make the choice that’s right for you.


Track your progress

See what’s working with daily check-ins and personalized feedback.


Educate yourself

Learn to manage risky situations for drinking---like stress, sleep, anger, or other feelings.